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why is he so perfect though creys

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when the comedic relief is crying you know things are fucked


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That’s just a lot of guilt to keep buried. 

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hello. i was wondering if you could explain to me the whole sterek thing.i just don't get it.

I will redirect you here

lol No but all jokes aside, shipping doesn’t always have to be canon 

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I’m with you till the end of the line.

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When Kurt made a friend in Chandler, Blaine freaked the fuck out, went through his phone, embarrassed him in front of his friends by accusing him of cheating, and made sure that their friendship went nowhere.

When Blaine made a friend in Sebastian, a guy that had been going at Kurt from the moment they met and clearly wanted Blaine, Kurt expressed how much he disliked him, and Blaine went behind his back, Skyping him and messaging him. Kurt did nothing more than ask Blaine how often, exactly, Blaine and Sebastian were talking and hiding it from him.

When Blaine made a friend in a lighthouse on Facebook and then slept with him, he blamed Kurt. He told Kurt that he needed somebody, because Kurt was never there, and that he cheated because Kurt had no time for him any more. Kurt, without jumping in front of a crowd of people and blasting out an angry ballad, told Blaine that he couldn’t trust him. Blaine never apologised. They got back together.

When Blaine made a friend in Sam, he sang love songs to him and admitted that he wanted up on him, but never told Kurt. In fact, all of this was when he was singing about how he was ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ to Kurt, and planning to propose to him. Kurt never intruded on his business or dug around until he could find out what the hell Blaine was doing with Sam and put a stop to it.

When Kurt made a friend in Elliot, Blaine freaked the fuck out. Again. He went behind Kurt’s back to tell Elliot that Kurt was his, not Elliot’s, and made sure that their friendship went nowhere.

If you don’t see, simply from the way Blaine cannot seem to let Kurt have any friends and thinks he can decide who is and is not acceptable for him to be friends with, that Klaine is a toxic and damaging relationship, I don’t know what to say to you. Blaine’s jealousy isn’t hot, it is unhealthy, and it shows him to be really quite an unstable character. Pay attention to canon, don’t romanticise a guy feeling so possessive over his boyfriend that he won’t let him have friends.

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           (via Amy fucking Rose, ladies and gentlemen) 

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sebastian stan so cute i give up



"We know we’re not the first wolf show on tv, but we’re definitely the most fun." 

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